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Why the Jets met Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Why the Jets got Aaron Rodgers originally appeared nbc sports chicago

new york jets flew to california to meet With Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This is by far the biggest development in the Packers-Rodgers saga and has made a potential trade that much more real.

On ESPN’s Get Up, NFL insider Adam Schefter explained the purpose of the trip.

“It’s a situation where I think Jets executives other than Nathaniel Hackett didn’t know Aaron Rodgers, and he didn’t know him,” Schefter said. “So it was part of a get-to-know-you session in part, also for Aaron Rodgers to hear what the Jets organization is all about.

Schefter said: “They need to explain to him exactly what the move is going to be, what the personnel are like, what their philosophies are. And then, I think Aaron Rodgers still has to ultimately decide whether he should go.” whether or not to play.”

Schefter then outlined Rodgers’ options on the table, which is to retire, request a trade to the Jets, or return to the Packers.

“I think the most likely option for our Rodgers at this point is that number one, he decides he wants to play for the New York Jets, in which case he’ll go to the Green Bay Packers and say, I’d like to be Traded to the New York Jets,” Schefter said.

“He could still retire. There was a school of thought, as recently as this week, that this was still a primary consideration on the table. So I’m sure that part of yesterday’s talks was telling That’s what it would be like in New York so that Aaron Rodgers didn’t retire.

“And with all the options he’s considering now, he could always go back to Green Bay.”

But this is where Green Bay’s quarterback future gets interesting.

“It’s looking increasingly likely, and Jordan Love is going to be the quarterback for the Packers in 2023,” Schefter said.

Rodgers finally has a big decision on his hands.

“These are all factors that Aaron Rodgers needs to sit down and consider and then make a decision about what he wants to do,” Schefter said. “And once he knows that, he can tell the Packers. He can talk to the Jets, he can basically work with the Jets to try to make a trade.

“There’s a lot going on right now, and that’s why the Jets flew out yesterday to sit down with Aaron Rodgers, to talk to him, to give him his side of the story.”

Because Rodgers was still under contract with the Packers, the Jets needed the Packers’ permission to allow him to play four times. NFL MVP, His contract status also means that a trade would be needed to get him to New York.

Rogers signed Expansion In March 2022 that gives him $150-plus million over three years. It would cost the Packers over $40 million in dead cap in 2023 if he were traded.

He has spent all 18 of his NFL seasons with the Packers, picking up 10 Pro Bowl nods and one Super Bowl XLV title to go along with his four regular season MVPs.

Rogers would be a key acquisition for the QB-needy Jets. The team took Zach Wilson second overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, and although general manager Joe Douglas stated that the organization still feels Wilson has “a very high ceiling”, it is highly unlikely that he will be considered as the QB1 in the new NFL Draft. I get a chance to prove it again. York.

were reportedly in the mix for the Jets derek carrBut the former Las Vegas Raiders signal caller ultimately decided against signing with the New Orleans Saints.

For the Packers, a Rodgers trade would give them more assets to build around Jordan Love. The 2020 first-rounder has made just one start in his NFL career, but GM Brian Gutekunst said he believes Love is “ready” to start.

This offseason saga already includes a dark retreat for Rogers. But with free agency on the horizon, there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel.

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