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Why the 49ers’ Told the Sam Darnold Contract Is a Win-Win for Both Parties

Why the 49ers’ explained that the Darnold settlement is a win-win for both sides originally appeared nbc sports birea

The 49ers have three quarterbacks on their roster to open the 2022 NFL regular season.

As it turned out, they needed all three of those quarterbacks to reach the NFC Championship Game.

Then, they needed two more.

reported settlement With veteran free-agent quarterback Sam Darnold re-signing the 49ers will dedicate three of their 53 roster spots to quarterbacks in 2023.

As the team found out on Jan. 29, you may need a fourth quarterback — or even a fifth — during the most important game of the season.

NFL Network’s Tom Pellicero reported Tuesday that the 49ers and Darnold agreed to a $4.5 million contract on Monday with $3.5 million guaranteed. The deal also includes playtime and playoff incentives, according to Pellicero.

That may sound like a steep price to pay for number 3, but it’s not a common situation.

The 49ers have some wiggle room because one of those quarterbacks, Brock Purdy, only checks in with a cap figure of $889,253.

Furthermore, the 49ers felt the need to draw another quarterback at the high end of their position on the depth chart due to the precarious nature of their position.

Tre Lance figures to take off-season snaps with the first-team offense, as expected, he receives a full withdrawal after sustaining season-ending fractured lower leg and ankle ligament damage in Week 2.

Purdy is coming off a remarkable eight-game stretch as the team’s starter after replacing an injured Jimmy Garoppolo. on Monday, Garoppolo agreed to terms on a big money deal to become the starter of the Las Vegas Raiders.

puree underwent critical elbow surgery On March 10 he sustained a torn ulnar collateral ligament in the 49ers’ sixth offensive game of the NFC Championship.

When No. 4 quarterback, Josh Johnson, suffered an injury early in the third quarter, the 49ers needed a fifth quarterback. Instead, the team had no choice but to ask Purdy to return to action—completely torn elbow ligament and all.

If Purdy’s recovery and physical therapy go as expected, he could be cleared to play as early as the start of the regular season.

Darnold, who turns 26 on June 5, approaches the 49ers with the idea of ​​getting into a position to salvage his career as the New York Jets’ No. 3 overall draft pick after entering the NFL in 2018. .

In 55 career starts (38 with the Jets, 17 with the Carolina Panthers), he experienced just 21 wins. He threw 61 touchdowns and 55 interceptions.

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If the 49ers’ bad luck with quarterback health continues, Darnold will have his best opportunity for success in setting himself up for the future.

It’s a win-win.

If ever there was a situation that required a team to pay a little extra to have three quarterbacks to open the season, this is it.

And if there was ever a position for a player like Darnold to accept the No. 3 role instead of a potential backup position on a lesser team, this is it.

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