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Utah State cheerleader responds to viral crying moment: ‘I’m a meme now’


A Utah State cheerleader who went viral for her emotional reaction to her team’s March Madness loss has acknowledged the flood of social media attention.

Ashlyn Whimpy was caught by cameras tearing up and trembling during Utah’s loss to Missouri during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament earlier this week. Video clips of the moment garnered millions of views and generated a massive response on social media.

Ms. Whimpy gained attention in a TikTok post titled “And Now I’m a Meme” featuring a song titled “The World’s Smallest Violin”.

Utah lost to Missouri 76–65 in the first round of the March Madness tournament. new york post informed of, Bleacher ReportThe video of the tearful moment has been viewed over 3 million times, with over 1,000 retweets.

hundreds of supporters responded bleach reportThe tweet expresses condolence.

One user wrote, “Really think it’s awesome she cares so much… don’t know why there is a need to make fun of it on social media.”

Another user said, “This is such a nonsensical guy, this is probably his last game cheerleading and everyone is pulling him up for showing emotion.”

But InstagramMs. Whimpy, a senior, indicated that it was her last time cheering and wrote that she was “going out with a bang”.



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