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The It List: ‘Chevalier’ tells the true story of 18th-century black composer Joseph Boulogne, ‘The Longest Third Date’ doc explores a Covid lockdown love story, Shailene Woodley’s ‘Silence of the Lambs’ inspired serial killer thriller and All The Best In Pop Culture The Week Of April 17, 2023

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Watch this: Calvin Harrison Jr. goes up in the title Rajput

movies like in between Luce And Wave’sCalvin Harrison Jr. has quietly become one of the more intriguing young actors in the business. Now she’s got her first true star project with a period piece biopic Rajput, Harrison as Joseph Boulogne, aka Chevalier de Saint-Georges, was a prolific French-Creole violinist and composer who became concertmaster of the Paris Symphonic Institute in the late 1700s. Watch an exclusive featurette from the Stephen Williams-directed drama, co-starring Samara Weaving, Lucy Boynton (as Marie Antoinette) and Minnie Driver, above. , kevin polovy

Rajput Opens in theaters Friday, April 21; visit Fandango For showtimes and ticket information.

Stream it: longest third date Documents One Couple’s Bizarre Pandemic Experience

Where were you in March 2020 when the world was shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Matt and Khani, who recently met on the dating app Hinge, were on their third date on a trip to Costa Rica, which they decided to take on a whim. What they could not have foreseen was that their flight would be cancelled, more than once, and they would be forced to live together for months, although they were evicted from their hotel. “Okay, enough is enough,” Khani says at one point in the doc. “It’s not fun anymore. I just want to go home.” Matt says, “We’re running outside to talk about new things.” Neither of them wanted to discuss what would happen when they finally went back to their daily lives. And we thought being stuck in our homes was bad… – Rachel Chevelt

longest third date Premieres Tuesday, April 18 on Netflix.

Watch this: Shailene Woodley is into this to catch a killer

No Big Little Lies Here: Shailene Woodley Joins the Army to Chase Down a Mass Shooter silence of the Lambs-inspired thriller to catch a killer, Actress – who has a history with law enforcement – Plays a young police investigator who is called to the Federal League by a tough FBI agent (Ben Mendelsohn) who believes in his abilities despite mental trauma. (Speaking of trauma, viewers sensitive to violence should be aware that the film features a disturbing, but timely sequence of a mass shooting that feels torn from current headlines.) This exclusive clip from the film Reflects the analytical skills that make Woodley the perfect person. To track down and capture this particular killer. , ethan alter

to catch a killer Opens in theaters Friday, April 21; visit Fandango For showtimes and ticket information.

Stream it: Zoe Lister-Jones pops into the multiverse in new series slide

the multiverse is all the rage right now, se Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse To Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness To everything together everywhere, But we’ve got to give the new Roku series slide Extra credit for accessing the multiverse in a totally innovative way. Zoe Lister-Jones (life in pieces band-aid) stars a New York City woman in love who finds herself transported to an alternate dimension every time she has an orgasm. Do we have our attention yet? Watch the exclusive clip from the series above. , KP

slide Premieres Friday, April 21 on The Roku Channel.

WATCH THIS: Ray Romano returns to his old neighborhood somewhere in queens

You can take Ray Romano out of Queens, but you can’t take Queens out of Ray Romano. The New York City native returns to his hometown for his directorial debut, somewhere in queens, a slice-of-life story about an Italian-American family on the verge of big changes. Specifically, Romano and his onscreen wife, Laurie Metcalf, now face a future as empty nesters, as their teenage son (Jacob Ward) seeks post-high school options from their close-knit community. including an offer to play basketball. Major University. Needless to say, there’s also a girlfriend in the picture and Romano gets more involved in his baby’s first big romance than he should. Watch the poor girl’s awkward “meet the parents” moment in this exclusive clip from the movie. , ea

somewhere in queens Premieres in theaters Friday, April 21; visit Fandango For showtimes and ticket information.

Watch this: Makoto Shinkai Makes Another Big Leap in the Anime Ranks Suzum

Hayao Miyazaki will probably be considered the most dominant figure in anime feature filmmaking for a long time, but you have to wonder if Makoto Shinkai is starting to close the gap. Your name And weathering with you Filmmaker delivers another dazzling, engaging animated adventure Suzum, which follows the eponymous teenager as she is secretly charged with protecting the land from extreme weather events alongside a young man (and talking chair, long story). , KP

Suzum playing now; visit Fandango For showtimes and ticket information.

WATCH THIS: Celebrate Earth Day With Willem Dafoe—Narrated River run

April 22nd is Earth Day, your annual reminder to celebrate and protect the natural world that sustains us all. And beloved character actor Willem Dafoe is doing his part for Planet Earth by narrating new environmental documentary River, a tribute to the waterways that carry out so many important functions for the planet and its many people. Interspersed with majestic scenes of rivers winding their way through tropical and temperate climates, accompanied by soaring music and Dafoe’s stirring words – all showcased in this exclusive clip – River Got heart wrenched as to why every day should be celebrated as Earth Day. , ea

River Premieres in theaters Friday, April 21; visit Fandango For showtimes and ticket information.

Stream it: Catch american auto before the end of season 2

Beep Beep, Beep Beep Yes, superstore Creators finalize season two of his follow-up NBC series starring Justin Spitzer Saturday night Live Veteran Ana Gasteyer as the CEO of a major automobile company with minimal industry experience. The 13-episode second season follows comedy ringers like Seth Myers, Ryan Reynolds and Andy Richter as the main cast and their boardroom shenanigans prepare to launch a new vehicle. This clip from the finale is serious Veep Gastier and his subordinates as Vibes prepare for the highly consequential opening of the Wall Street market. , ea

american autoThe season 2 finale begins Tuesday, April 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC; All Episodes Currently Streaming Peacock,

Stream it: judy bloom foreverDuration.

Beloved author Judy Bloom, who is known for her honesty about this important and usually unexplained time in life, includes strange experiences such as the first menstruation, the detection of breasts, falling in young love, and more. Coming into contact with sexuality, is profiled and appreciated in this doc. It also explains the influence that Bloom’s books have had on young people and pop culture, despite the resistance that she sometimes refuses to treat children as if they can’t handle the truth. Some of the author’s most famous fans, such as actresses and girls Creator Lena Dunham comes by to praise him. “She allowed young women to be just as complicated and messy and funny as us,” says Dunham. sixteen Candles Star Molly Ringwald chimed in, “Everything I learned about sex or crushes, I learned from Judy.” The documentary pairs with the long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Bloom’s iconic 1970 book, are you there, lord? It’s me, Margaret.Which will hit the theaters later this month. – R S

judy bloom forever Premieres Friday, April 21 prime video,

Play this: The game is underway in a Sherlock Holmes-themed version Scotland Yard

classic tabletop game, Scotland Yard, gets a Sherlock Holmes makeover. (Photo: Courtesy Ravensburger)

How do you make a new version of a tabletop classic, Scotland Yard, It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Since 1983, players have teamed up to chase Mister X through the streets of London using taxis, buses and subways. In this expertly conceived Sherlock Holmes-themed update of Ravensburger, you’re chasing Moriarty himself through 19th-century transportation methods, including horse and buggy and steam train. The game is on, indeed. – EA

Scotland Yard: Sherlock Holmes Edition Available now at most major retailers including Amazon,

Read This: Prepare a Feast for a Creeper (or a Stitch) With New minecraft And lilo and stitch cook books

A look at one of the Minecraft-inspired recipes in the hit game's official cookbook.  (Photo: Courtesy Insight Editions)

one look at minecraftRecipes inspired by the official cookbook of the hit game. (Photo: Courtesy Insight Editions)

Square plates are not included with this brand new minecraft The official cookbook from Insight Editions, but there are plenty of meal ideas to suit all appetites and skill levels in the kitchen. Warm up the hearty Suspicious Stew – loaded with potatoes and mushrooms – and chase it down with boba-infused slimeball tea, followed by a sweet treat like torch shooter crème brûlée. If you want to go more tropical with your flavor profile, pre-order Insight’s upcoming lilo and stitch The cookbook, which boasts recipes for Pudge’s famous peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches and a super-sized Hawaiian pizza. Memorization: Ohana That means families… and families have to eat. – EA

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! official cookbook Available now at most major booksellers including Amazon, Lilo & Stitch: The Official Cookbook available for pre-order at Amazon,



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