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The Cure’s Robert Smith calls out Ticketmaster on ‘Dynamic’ price surge: ‘Bit of a scam’

The Cure’s Robert Smith is calling out Ticketmaster after the company reportedly doubled prices for their upcoming North American tour.

“We (The Cure) didn’t agree with the ‘dynamic pricing’/’price hike’/’platinum ticket’ talk… because that in itself is a scam? A different conversation,” said Robert Smith in a do on Tuesday. His words came after a fan posted a tweet claiming he had bought four tickets for $80, but after Ticketmaster’s fees, they totaled $172, more than double the cost of the ticket’s base price. is more.

TheWrap cannot verify the authenticity of the tweet, which has since garnered 1.3 million views. Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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After some backlash online, Smith responded to a number of tweets calling out the mega ticketing company.

“We had final say in all our ticket pricing for this upcoming tour, and did not want those prices to be immediately and badly distorted by resale – we were told ‘the resale business in North America is a multi-billion dollar business. ‘s industry,” Smith continued in his tweet. He even continued the conversation Wednesday by reiterating his previous statements and highlighting the impact of the cast’s involvement with the company.

“What did I mean by this bit… I had a separate conversation about ‘platinum’ to see if I had misunderstood something… but I didn’t! It’s a greedy scam – And all artists have the option not to participate… If an artist doesn’t participate, it ceases to exist,” said Rocker.

Smith now joins the list of artists who have spoken out about Ticketmaster and its ongoing issues. Tickets for the band’s Lost World Tour went on sale on Wednesday.



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