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The Celtics Won’t Start Winning Until They Kick This Infuriating Habit

Tomasse: The Celtics will never win until they end this annoying habit originally appeared nbc sports boston

Forget about “unfinished business”. Print these T-shirts for the 2023-2024 Celtics so they can wear them all summer long: “Whiners Are Not Winners.”

Something has felt broken since December, when C turned up at Golden State with no intention of exacting revenge for last year’s finalists, and instead got patted on the table by the kids. For the rest of the regular season and the disappointment of seeing him at least in a 3-0 Eastern Conference Finals hole versus the Heat, his constant complaining is at the top of the list.

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The Celtics complain about everything, and it has officially become the most inscrutable part of their game. They complain about crime. They complain on the rescue. They complain under the basket while the game goes the other way. They complain on the sideline during timeouts. So complaining is in their DNA, they complain on the way to the free throw line after they complain about that call.

On Sunday night in Miami, he not only embarrassed himself by falling behind by 33 points and leaving the middle 128-102 Game 3 lossBut with his nonstop whining.

Egotistical moments abound, from marcus smart getting up after a bunny celtic basket, for jaylen brown decided not to play defense so he could scream when the Heat drilled the 3, but for my money, the low point came on Miami’s first possession of the second quarter, when Duncan Robinson easily beat Grant Williams off the dribble and Then climbed up to the top. jason tatum for one coating.

You want to see your All-NBA player provide tough resistance on a NESCAC guy, but Tatum’s reaction made it infinitely worse, as he waved wildly for a clear out, a call he didn’t even remotely deserve. Were.

It was the weakest moment in a game full of them: Tatum begging the referee to do what he couldn’t. It didn’t matter that Robinson stabbed him in the chest. Tatum is a top-five player who challenges an undrafted spot shooter at the rim. Don’t look for the Tony Brothers to save you.

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But all the Celtics just talk. Tatum flaps his arms or grabs his wrists after every reckless drive in traffic. Brown argues for foul calls at the expense of transition defense, a killer against a sharpshooting team like the Heat. Smart, the heart and soul of the team, constantly lectures the referees as if reminding them that he is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

And don’t even get me started on Grant Williams, a tough player who never shuts his mouth to negate his positive qualities. He is the only player in the league who can take multiple DNP-CDs and then do an incredible refereeing job in his first minute like he is Luca or LeBron. About the only Celtic who is not consumed by the referee robert williams,

The incessant whining, whining and wheezing is more distracting than a test of the emergency broadcast system, and it highlights the lack of focus and mental toughness that completely destroyed the Celtics vs. the Heat. Eliminating this should be job No. 1 of whoever coaches the team next year, regardless of Joe Majulla Or a steady experienced hand.

All I know is that it cannot go on like this. The Celtics are capable of playing the most entertaining brand of basketball in the league, but they’ve been able to for so long, dating Brad Stevens, they act like a bunch of spoiled kids crying their heads off at daycare. Eventually they will get the juice box.

So here’s a little tip for Tuesday’s Game 4. We already know that the series is over and the pressure is off. Please give your fans a game free of drama and just play. You may even find that you play better. Otherwise, get T-shirts printed, because we will be the ones to complain.



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