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Stevie Nicks thanks Taylor Swift for helping her grieve Christine McVie

Legendary songwriter Stevie Nicks had some words of gratitude for the fellow artist.

During a concert this week in Atlanta, Nick thanked her Taylor Swift for a song that described Nick’s grief over the death of his Fleetwood Mac bandmate, Christine McVie.

“Thank you Taylor Swift for doing this thing for me, and she’s writing a song called “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” Nicks said. A video from the concert was widely shared on social media. “That’s sadly how I feel.”

McVie passed away in November 2022 after a brief illness. She was 79 years old.

Nick told concert-goers, “As long as Chris was there, even on the other side of the world, we didn’t need to talk on the phone.”

“We weren’t really phone buddies,” Nix said. “Then we’d go back to Fleetwood Mac, and we’d walk in and it’s ‘Little sister, how are you?’ It was like not even a minute had passed, there had never been an argument in our entire 47 years.

“So, when we were both, we were both on our own, baby, we always were,” she said. “And now, I have to learn to be on my own, baby, by myself. So, you help me to do this. Thank you.”

“You’re on Your Own, Kid” is one of the tracks on Swift’s 2022 album, “Midnights”.

On it, she sings: “Because the pages were turned, the bridges were burned / All you lose is a step you take / So make friendship bracelets / Take the moment and savor it / You have nothing to fear.” Cause ain’t / You’re on your own, baby / Yeah, you can face it / You’re on your own, baby / You always have been.

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