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Severance EP Ben Stiller talks season 2 delay, insists ‘no one’s going into the break room’

Is Separation In danger of melting before even watching season 2? Don’t worry: Ben Stiller says we don’t need to transfer just yet.

“Nobody’s going into the break room,” Stiller, who serves as director and executive producer on the Apple TV+ sci-fi drama, assured in a tweet addressed to fans. news of ruckus on the set Which may delay the upcoming second season. He added: “We’re really on the same slow schedule we’ve always been on. The same targeted airing date we’ve always had. Love our fans and each other and we’re all going to make the show as good as possible.” working to make.

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before friday puck news reported that season 2 Separation The show suffered significant delays due to a feud between co-showrunners Dan Erickson and Mark Friedman. Reportedly, Erickson and Friedman “ended up hating each other” even before season 1 ended, resulting in a “toxic” work environment. A ballooning per-episode budget was also said to be a problem, along with script issues. House of cards Producer Beau Willimon is quietly joining to assist in Season 2 (and beyond).

Even before Stiller weighed in, a source close to the show disputed the Puck report, telling TVLine Separation Season 2 “is on schedule, the budget is the same as Season 1, Dan, Beau and Mark are all working together… (Beau) was hired for Season 3 and since he has a traditional writers room No, it makes sense that he will attend the current session as well.

Separation Adam Scott stars as a worker drone at the mysterious Lumon Industries, where employees volunteer for a procedure that surgically separates their work lives from their home lives. Season 1 begins in February 2022 and earned 14 nominations at last year’s Emmys. it was updated that april Ahead of season 1 finale, No release date has yet been set for Season 2.

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