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Sean Lampkin, ‘Martin’ actor, dead at 54

Sean Lampkin, an actor best known for his role as bar owner Nipsey on the 1990s sitcom MartinHas passed away at the age of 54.

Marcel Watts, a friend of the actor, broke the news On Facebook last Wednesday. “My friend, my last roommate of 10 years, a father and family man, my brother, skate buddy, business partner and trainer passed away this morning. RIP Sean Lampkin,” she wrote,


“BKA Nipsey as the Bartender Martin, pest control in man bad boys cab driver inside Big Mama’s House and shooter inside life,” she added, listing off her famous roles. “He was also a black belt in karate. He served for decades as his right-hand man for Martin Lawrence. No Martin without a scene.

Memnar Graten later shared that the comic genius died in his sleep.

“Shaun gave us the sun shining every morning to guide our loved ones and friends on paths that are bright and free from any danger. He gave us streams of love every day when we weren’t feeling well, or It didn’t seem like we wanted to do anything,” he wrote. Summary.

Gretchen said, “But his loud laugh and adorable smile turned your negative thoughts into positive ones.” “He’s that type of guy. He gave us his time and effort for situations he had no idea about, but was there to support us for the cause. When a family or friend needs help with their Emotional situations require empathy or sympathy so they give us their feelings.

Stand-up Guy Torry also honored Lampkin, sharing a carousel on Instagram of photos of the two comics with peers like Dave Chappelle.

“Relax in electricity brother! my man #seanlampkin called home. #MartinShow #nipsey What a less funny and good friend,” Tory wrote.

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