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Rift in the Celtics’ locker room, the Nuggets’ patience and Melo retired good word with goodwill

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Jared Greenberg from TNT and NBA TV joins Vincent Goodwill for a fun episode of Good Words With Goodwill where the guys discuss problems in the Celtics locker room, Jimmy Butler splits, how the Nuggets built their team and Carmelo Anthony retirement of

After suffering from the Miami heat last night, this episode of good word with goodwill The podcast begins with Vincent Goodwill and Jared Greenberg of NBA TV asking what’s wrong with the Boston Celtics and if there are locker room issues that could make a big difference this offseason.

But people eventually come back around the Miami Heat, and especially Jimmy Butler. Vincent recounts a story from his time covering Jimmy on the Bulls and concludes that Butler has already been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame through his playoff exploits.

The Denver Nuggets look like the most complete and dominant team ever in the playoffs, taking a 3-0 lead against the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles, and part of that is due to the patience of their roster and coaching staff. Through every failure, they have learned and grown and can now be set up for a dynastic race.

Speaking of the Lakers, people aren’t sure if the Lakers are that good or if the Grizzlies and Warriors are just stuck in a time that worked great for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They are also a little concerned about what Rob Pelinka might do to this roster in the offseason.

Finally, we couldn’t end the podcast without paying some respect to the most underrated player of his generation: Carmelo Anthony. He announced his retirement from the NBA earlier today, leaving him 11th all-time in points. He never won a ring, and that may be his legacy, but let’s not let it get in the way of appreciating his impressive offensive game.

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