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PowerMizzou – Potential increase in production for pass catchers under new OC Kirby Moore

Spring ball is always an adjustment period for teams, no matter how successful their previous season was. As players come and go they will try to figure out what their new identity is among other things and it is no different for the Tigers, who have lost starting players to the NFL Draft and wide receivers. Dominic LovettCase, an All-Southeastern Conference second-team selection, played for divisional SEC former foe Georgia.

However, spring ball becomes an adjustment period when you add in the coaching change. In Missouri’s case from 2020–22, it was a new defensive coordinator. This season, the defense shows consistency with each defensive coach returning behind the defensive coordinator. blake baker,

Offensively, the Tigers hired kirby moore to take over quarterback coaching duties from bush hamdanwho took the offensive coordinator job at Boise State, and took over offensive coordinator duties from head coach Eli Drinkwitz,

Last season, Moore helped Fresno State collect nearly 403 yards per game (53rd in the FBS), 30.6 points per game (49th) and 6.0 yards per play (42nd) in his lone season as the Bulldogs’ offensive coordinator. Did. Drinkowitz is hoping that he and his spread offense can generate similar results for the Tigers, as they ranked 86th in the FBS in total offense with 369.9 yards per game and scoring 24.8 points per game.

“We’re going to give him the ingredients and he’s going to cook,” Drinkwitz said during Moore’s introductory press conference in January. How we move and how we shift ー that helps our friends move forward this spring. How that route is teaching concepts, and more importantly, how he, as an artist, paints a picture that depends on him and his vision for the crime.

Big Year for Luther Burden III and the Receiver Unit

Last season, Fresno State’s pass catchers flourished under Moore, with five players recording over 200 yards receiving, two of whom recorded over 800 yards, Jalen Moreno-Cropper And nico remigio, moreno-cropper Remigio had 83 receptions, 1,086 yards (13.1 per) and five touchdowns in 14 starts during Had 74 receptions for 852 yards and six touchdowns in 14 games.

For context, Lovett was Missouri’s first receiver to record over 800 yards in a season. Emmanuel Hall In 2018.

Moreno-Cropper and Remigio both played in the slot, the former a fine route runner with good short-area quickness and great instincts, while the latter, better suited as a deep threat with good ball-carrying skills and changes in direction Was.

Moore said, “Naturally, the slot has been a highly targeted receiver within the offenses I’ve been a part of.” There are many different reasons why I think he is going to have a big year.”

Fortunately for the Tigers, they have a player they are high in who is capable of playing the slot and shares many of the same traits as Moore’s most productive receiver from a season ago. Luther Burden III, Furthermore, unlike Cropper-Moreno and Remigio, Burden may be able to do what he did and more because of some of his physical attributes.

Moore said, “Well, when you think about slot receivers there is a certain explosiveness and quickness.” “He does a good job at the top end of his routes and hand-eye co-ordination. He takes some tricky catches in the middle overs. He’s the big slot. Sometimes people play the smaller slot, but I would argue that if your The passer has a larger slot so he has more catch radius and the quarterback can see him.

In Burden’s true freshman season, he recorded 45 receptions for 375 yards and nine total touchdowns (six receiving, two rushing, one punt return).

“I think the slot has been great for Luther,” Moore said. “He’s done a really good job in terms of defining his routes, being on the same page and gaining yards after the catch. So, I’m really excited for him.”

Burden is not the only one who will have the chance to excel.

players like mekhi miller and ole miss transfer Denise Jackson Will get a chance to snap out of the slot.

Miller played a key role for the team last year as a true freshman, serving as a possession receiver for the longtime slot receiver. barrett bannister was unable to play. Miller would finish the season with eight receptions for 126 yards.

Drinkwitz said, “One of Mekhi’s best abilities is his ability to retain knowledge and information and apply it.” “So, he’s able to understand both outside and inside receivers from a conceptual standpoint which makes him more flexible and able to play. Skill set-wise he does a really good job catching the ball and has a knack for catching openings.” It’s a habit. “

Jackson entered the transfer portal before the start of last season, so he hasn’t played since 2021 when he recorded 12 receptions for 244 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but Drinkowitz likes his experience and he What the wide receiver can do for the group.

“Dennis has really good speed,” Jackson said. “He’s played in the SEC, so he knows what the level of physicality is and he’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”

Jackson isn’t the only transfer receiver the staff is excited about. Oklahoma Transfer theo weiss Has impressed the coaching staff in his short time with the team.

“I think Theo did a good job,” Moore said. “He’s got more to his credit and I’m guessing that’s a good thing. He finds ways to differentiate within the concept, so he’ll have the ability to walk around with his experience playing college football and understanding the concepts.” . It’s positive for us.”

The wide receiver room is looking pretty deep on paper, and the Tigers still have players mookie cooper, Peanuts Houston, Chance Luper, micah manning And logan mookie Who can be and will likely be involved in offensive plans. Not to mention, four-star signing joshua manning and three-star signer marquis johnson And daniel blood Summer is on the way.

finding tight ends in the equation

Drinkowitz has made it known that he’d like to see more continuity from the tight end group after the 2022 season unravels. Tyler Stephens, kibet chepaytor And Ryan Horstkamp Combine for 10 receptions, 112 yards and two touchdowns.

Moore, who is still a little over two months into his tenure as the Tigers’ offensive coordinator, said he is still learning the players and what they are good at.

Moore said, “I would say I’m still trying to learn my personnel and their strengths and weaknesses.” , I’m impressed by his willingness to block, hand-eye coordination and getting in the right places in the pass game.”

Tight end PFF grade in 2022

At Fresno State, Moore was stationed primarily raymond powells as their number 1 tight end Trey Watson Being number 2. Powells recorded 21 receptions for 185 yards and two touchdowns, while Watson caught eight passes for 80 yards.

Even getting that production would give a boost to a position that was struggling with being consistent in both receiving and running blocking.

“I mentioned this to someone else before, but there’s no greater teacher than experience,” the Mizzou tightrope coach Eric Link Said. “This group coming in last year was really inexperienced. Very few snaps were played at this position. So, I think we gained both good and bad experience. So, it’s been a great teacher for us. But just the continuity of our game.At all stages.

Powells was a receiving threat while Watson was better at run blocking, but ideally, Mizzou hopes it can find a tight end who can be good at both.

“I mean, ideally you want diversity within one person to play multiple tight end positions,” Link said. “But, everybody has strengths and weaknesses, so trying to build on those strengths and strengthen those weaknesses is really what you’re trying to do. Blocker. Well, we have to make sure That we’re continuing to develop those intercept capabilities.

“We have to make sure we’re not asking him to do things he’s not good at yet. So, to answer your question we try to diversify and be able to do many things with our people. want capability.” But at the end of the day, some people have certain skill sets and that’s really what we’re going to be building.”

In Moore’s offense, there seem to be a few more opportunities for tight ends to get involved in the receiving game, but based on what he sees from this tight end unit with Horstkamp, ​​Stephens, Gavin McKay, Max Whisner and later a four-star signee Brett NorfleetWho will arrive in the summer will determine how many opportunities they actually get.

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