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Players will get paid to present video game likenesses, a rocky Big Ten TV deal and the best Week 1 matchups

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Ford and Ross Dellinger kick off today’s podcast with news about the Big Ten’s dirty TV contracts, as well as players getting paid for their likenesses in video games.

To start the show, Pat notes the major spring champions who have been crowned in college athletics; Sports ranged from tennis to water polo and the highly publicized meet judging.

EA Sports is in the process of creating its next college football video game after an extended hiatus from producing the popular series. A new development this time: Payments to featured players in the game will come with the latest release. The podcast remembers Ed O’Bannon and his trial that opened up so many possibilities for today’s athletes.

New Big Ten commissioner Tony Petty has to clean up a messy TV contract left behind by Kevin Warren. These folks detail the odd clause in the contract and highlight that it may be a major factor in why Kevin Warren chose to leave college football for an executive NFL position.

In other college football news, Shami Schembechler is out of Michigan after his social media was scanned and offensive tweets were found from his account. Schembechler issued an official apology, although it is unlikely that he will be hired again by a major institution. The son of legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler was in his role as assistant recruiting director for only three days before his subsequent resignation.

In the Pac-12, Oregon is hot on the recruiting trail after news broke that they had received a verbal commitment from 5-star quarterback Michael Van Buren.

The first week of the college football season is fast approaching, so guys check out the schedule and pick the most interesting matchups for college football fans.

Finally, in weird news, Dan may have mistreated a dog, there’s a heated bounce-house rivalry and Magnus Carlsen gets a specific shoe.

1:00 Spring Championships happening

8:30 EA Sports is coming out with another NCAA football game

18:27 Big Ten commissioner Tony Petty is cleaning up his latest TV deal

32:20 Shami Schembechler is out in Michigan

39:25 5-star QB Michael Van Buren commits to Oregon

43:15 Paris Hilton’s famous chihuahua passes away

45:53 Projecting week 1 of the college football season

53:50 The bounce house industry is heating up in Australia

59:40 Magnus Carlsen lands shoe collaboration with Puma

1:02:00 Diversified National Champion

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