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NFL Rule Change, TNF Flexing, Aaron Rodgers Hurt?

Jory Epstein and Frank Schwab recap the biggest news coming out of owner’s meetings and the start of off-season events around the league. First there is news that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is getting a three-year contract extension, but Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay indicated that Goodell’s role may last three years. This news surprises Frank and Jory, as Roger has done a stellar job of protecting the owners and their interests during his tenure (contrary to his reputation with fans). Afterward, the two discuss the new special teams rule on kickoffs, which is meant to ease the concussion, and flexing Thursday Night Football. The reaction to both of these developments has been overwhelming, as the impact on the game will not be as great as most anticipate.

In other news, Green Bay will host the NFL Draft in 2025. Jory and Frank wonder how the small town will manage to fit so many people, given that visiting NFL teams already have to stay in a hotel 40 minutes away from the stadium. Frank and Jory also discuss the latest news on the sale of the Commanders, where a source tells Jory that he thinks the NFL is bending over backwards to try to complete the sale.

Later, the pair go over the latest news surrounding OTAs, including the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Denver Broncos longtime kicker Brandon McManus, and the New York Jets working on punter Matt Ariza. The New York Jets are on a roller coaster of emotions with Aaron Rodgers as the Jets attempt to get the 39-year-old quarterback through a fully healthy program.

1:45 – Roger Goodell’s contract has been extended. Could this be his last three years as commissioner?

9:25 – New change to the kickoff rule: The NFL had to do something about concussions, but is it really going to solve any problems?

14:55 – Thursday Night Football can now be flexed. The change is inconvenient for fans and players, and it’s clear the NFL was trying to do something to appease Amazon after a lackluster slate in 2022.

20:35 – Green Bay to host 2025 NFL Draft

27:30 – Commander’s Cell Update

32:45 – Special teams news! K Brandon McManus and P Matt Ariza

40:00 – Injury concerns for Aaron Rodgers are already emerging. Is it going to be a long off season for Jets fans?

May 23, 2023; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (8) warms up during OTAs at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory credit: Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

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