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Molly Kearney criticizes anti-trans bills in powerful message on ‘Weekend Update’

,Saturday night Live” cast member molly kearney broke efforts to restrict gender-affirming health care for transgender children and called on people to “wake up” during powerful comments.weekend update, (You can watch Kearney’s comments in the clip below.)

Kearney, the first openly non-binary “SNL” cast member, floated on set wearing a harness as they weighed in 460-plus anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in the US this year, including those that affect trans youth.

“I’ve been hanging by my genitals too long and I’m starting to feel like a crazy Republican lawmaker, hello,” Kearney quipped.

Kearney then slammed states that have passed legislation that targets health care for trans children.

“Listen to that Michael (Che): ‘Restrict health care for kids.’ For some reason there is something about the word ‘trans’ that makes people forget the word ‘kids,'” Kearney remarked. “If you don’t care about the lives of trans kids, that means you don’t care about the lives of kids.”

The comedian later called on people to “wake up” to protect the rights of trans children.

“We are raising trans kids way too fast. We need to keep them safe and we need to lift them up,” Kearney said as he was hoisted into the air.

“What’s happening, kids, is wrong and you don’t need to be afraid. Our job is to protect you and your job is to focus on being kids. It’s like me flying in the ‘SNL’ sky: A bunch of friends Asking you about your crotch and controlling when and where you’re allowed to pee. But if you just persevere, you’ll look up and feel like you’re flying, baby.”




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