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MLB owners could vote on moving the A’s to Las Vegas as soon as they meet in June

Major League Baseball owners can vote to make it happen in just a few weeks.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday in Milwaukee that the vote could take place at owners’ meetings starting June 13 in New York. While this will make things official, Manfred knows they are still many steps away from being ready to hold a formal vote.

“It is possible that a rehabilitation vote could take place as early as June,” Manfred said. via the associated press, “It’s very difficult to have a timeline for Oakland until a deal is actually considered. There is a relocation process internally that they have to go through, and we haven’t even started that process.”

The A’s have been hinting at a move out of Oakland for years, however in recent weeks they have taken several concrete steps to make the move a reality. The $1.5 billion stadium will be built on the current site of the Tropicana Las Vegas casino earlier this month. The deal would bring a 35,000-seat, retractable-roof stadium to the Las Vegas Strip. Also in public funding for the project.

The A’s current lease at the Oakland Coliseum, where they have played since arriving there in 1968, expires in 2024. The team and the city have struggled to come up with a deal to keep the A’s in the Bay Area for years. , despite the indestructible Coliseum.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said there could be a vote at the owners’ meeting in June to have the A’s become Las Vegas officials. (AP/Maury Gush)

While it may feel like a lost cause at this point, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and Manfred have both tried to ease the fears of angry A’s fans about the relocation at least somewhat in recent days. Did. Thao said he and City are ‘very close’ to a deal A new stadium should get the A’s back on the table, and Manfred hasn’t closed the door.

“I think you’ll have to ask the mayor of Oakland,” Manfred said, whether the A’s could end up living in Oakland. via the associated press, “She said she called off talks after an announcement in Las Vegas. I don’t have a crystal ball as to where anything is happening. No definitive deals have been made in Las Vegas. We’ll have to see how it plays out.” is out.”



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