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Miramax Television installs Dev Patel to star in ‘The Key Man’ as company ramps up international content

Unique: Dav Patel set to title and executive produce the key manA limited series telling the story of disgraced financier Arif Naqvi. Set in the Middle East, this project comes from Miramax Television. It’s part of the company’s increased international focus, signaled by the hire three years ago of former NBCUniversal International Studios executive Mark Hellwig — who has deep European TV industry ties — as Miramax’s Global Head of Television.

mark helwig

mark helwig

Mining the indie studio’s library of IP has been a big priority for Hellwig and his team, who have pursued series projects based on such Miramax films. The Gentleman, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Gangs of New York, Chocolate, english patient And Ready to wearand has launched a revival of Miramax TV’s first unscripted series project greenlight,

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The filmmakers behind some of the films are also involved in the TV adaptations, including gentle writer-director-producer Guy Ritchie, who is the writer, director, and executive producer of the Netflix series of the same name, and gangs of New York Director Martin Scorsese is attached to executive produce and direct a potential series offshoot.

the key man Miramax is joining a significant portion of television series being developed and produced internationally, including gentlemen, which is being filmed in and around London; And Chocolate, which is being developed as a French-language TV series with Mediavan; as well as several series based on book IP rather than Miramax library titles, turkish spy for Paramount, which wrapped production in Istanbul; henna artist with Freida Pinto in Netflix, which will be shot in India if greenlit; christie affair, with Daisy Ridley, which is in the works in the UK; and an adaptation of le grand secret (English title: Immortal), is also part of a co-production deal with MediaOne.

“Miramax IP is international in its DNA and therefore a natural opportunity to mine the library from local to global shows,” Hellwig said. Additionally, “Miramax is a legacy company built on supporting innovative, new voices, and we are recapturing that essence in television with our vision of working with many new and emerging voices in Europe and beyond.” are,” he said.

Miramax is majority owned (51%) by Doha-based Qatari beIN Media Group, with Paramount Global holding the remaining 49%.

“The next phase of the company will see us build more connective tissue with our parent company in Doha and focus more on Mena-centric play,” Hellwig said.

the key man There is an example of that.

Based on last year’s bestseller by WSJ journalists Simon Clarke and Will Louch, it chronicles Arif Naqvi (Patel), a charismatic Pakistani businessman who was the founder of the Dubai-based private-equity firm Abraj. Brilliant and inspirational, Naqvi became a global sensation as he built a billion-dollar empire by convincing the global elite and business magnates that the unlikely key to solving poverty, hunger and political unrest lay in his highly profitable investments. is through. Entangled in a world of popes, presidents and profits, Arif’s empire crumbles when his false promises have dire consequences.

Patel Executive Producer with Scott Dallman (station 11) and Florence Sloan (delhi crime) who had opted for Book.

Three years into Hellwig’s tenure, Miramax Television has met an initial goal of three on-air series—about as many as the company had produced in the previous decade—Ritchie’s gentlemen on netflix, project greenlight HBO Max with Issa Rae and turkish spy at Paramount.

Hellwig said the next goal is for the slate to expand to six series over the next three years. based on a play between hopes gong show Memoir of host Chuck Barris confessions of a dangerous mind, which was adapted into a film directed by George Clooney. While Justin Timberlake is no longer attached to the role of Barris, the project remains in active development on Apple TV+ and is currently in the process of hiring a director.

Slumdog Millionaire Star Patel makes his directorial debut with the upcoming film ape man for Netflix, which he also co-wrote and starred in. They have been replaced by CAA and Soul 22. Clarke and Lauch have been replaced by UTA.

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