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Mecca and BlueReview – What Michigan QB Jack Tuttle Has Said on In the Trenches

How has his experience been so far in Michigan

I moved in January and so far it’s been great. Michigan has been great—the classes, the games, just the people, in general. The team people have really welcomed me with open arms. Dude, what a nice thing to say.

Why they chose Michigan with an obvious starter at quarterback

There are many reasons for my coming here. Lots of great connections, I’ve known Coach Hart a long time. I know Coach Harbaugh. They’re obviously phenomenal, they’re doing a great job. It was a pleasure to come with them. Obviously, the facility, the power staff and those people are amazing. They are just pluses to it. I guess when we got down to it, I wanted to come here, number one, help Michigan win a national championship and do whatever I could to help make that happen. Right now, that’s the only reason – I had other reasons for coming but that’s the only reason I’m here and focused on right now. other reasons in the future. Right now, that’s what I’m focused on and that’s where my attention is. looking forward to it. In terms of competition in the quarterback room, I’m ready to be around these dudes. During the first few weeks of spring ball, it was great to watch everyone grow and develop even in those first few practices. Get to know them more and everyone is awesome. Such great friends and privileged to be in that room with them. Coach Campbell has also been amazing.

what he brings to the team on the field

I think my style has really evolved over the course of my career. I think early on in high school, I was probably a passer. Over the course of my career, through Coach Wellman at Indiana and now Coach Herb here, I feel like I’ve been able to have a lot more momentum. My 40 being low, my body fat percentage and my diet being so good, I have become more capable as a dual athlete, dual-threat quarterback. Lowering my 40s to 4.5, 4.6. Being able to have that tough, tough mindset, like the one Andrew Luck I always looked up to growing up. I believe that is how my playing style reflects.

on their leadership skills

I think there are different aspects of leadership especially in a freshman program and how you start to lead. I’ve learned this throughout my career, I think it’s important when you come into a new program that you don’t just yell and scream, you can’t do that. This is something that people need to know and think about. You’ve got to work your tail off, number one, and prove with your actions that, yes, I can be a man. I am here to help this team. Establish yourself and then, down the line, you can develop that leadership in small ways and then it turns into big ways. It’s something, hopefully, I can do and you just have to grow your relationship with the boys and work hard. It’s a work in progress, obviously, here but at Indiana I think I learned a lot of things because we had two really good years and then we had two kind of not-so-good years. Through that pain and that joy, there are some lessons to be learned. I guess I can take what works and what doesn’t and apply it here.

What AJ Barner brings to the program

An ultimate beast, the baller. Baby with a hard nose. He is also a great leader. He was captain with me in Indiana. Man, that baby will sell out. This is one of the most important qualities as a football player, the kid would sell his left arm to win a football game. She’s heart, everything you could ask for. I honestly wouldn’t want anyone else to step on a football field with me.

on whether the two talked about Michigan at some point in the transfer process

Believe it or not, it was a coincidence. I don’t really want to go into the timeline but it was a coincidence. It was kind of cool how it happened though.

what he wants to achieve academically

I have some undergraduate degree from Indiana and MBA. I’m getting it done. I think coming to Michigan, obviously, they have the number one school in social work and I did what I could in business and got what I needed and what I wanted. Social work is a different kind of a different aspect so I wanted to learn more and expand my mind a bit in a different field.

what does he want to do after football is done

It’s kind of a question, isn’t it? This kind of question happens to everyone when you get older. My dream has always been to — think about it as much as you can, but it’s always been to make it to the NFL, no matter what role I play. Whatever it is, as a player, as a coach, the dream has always been this. Still chasing it and hoping to achieve it. I know I can play, have been playing for a long time. Just keep growing and learning and taking it one day at a time.


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