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Maize&BlueReview – Senior Wrestler Mason Parris Wins Heavyweight National Championship

Fifth-year senior wrestler Mason Parris defeated Penn State’s Greg Kerkvliet 5-1 on Saturday night to claim his first national championship in the heavyweight division. The 285-pounder Parris from Lawrenceburg, Indiana capped off the season with the win.

Paris did not miss a single game, and he finished the season with a perfect 33–0 record. Michigan finished in sixth place – out of 10 teams – overall as a team, but it was largely overshadowed by Parris’ success story.

Kerkvliet’s defeat of the Michigan senior was their third win of the season over the Nittany Lions, after Parise had lost to Kerkvliet three times the previous season.

Parise’s continued growth throughout his career was incredibly impressive, and culminated in a national championship for the 23-year-old.

For Michigan, it was the 24th individual national championship in program history. Last season, the Wolverines claimed another national champion in the form of Nick Suriano, who won the title as a 125-pounder.

Michigan’s season is now over, and it ends in a disappointing sixth place for Michigan, but Mason Parris’ season (and career) ends on the highest possible note.


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