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Maize&BlueReview – Joey Baker to extend 6th year of eligibility: ‘We’ll see what happens’

During the television broadcast of Tuesday’s first-round NIT game against Toledo, the broadcasters mentioned information that was not public knowledge at the time.

Michigan’s Joey Baker will pursue his 6th year of eligibility after the season is over.

After the game, Baker was asked about his plans and confirmed the news, also stating that he had no plans to play elsewhere.

It’s Ann Arbor or bust.

After the match, Baker said, ‘Let’s see what happens. “If I get it, I’m back here.”

His head coach was much more forthcoming about the process. When asked about the redshirt, Juwan Howard clasps his hands together to signify prayer, implying that he is pulling for the result of going to Wolverine’s side.

“Michigan is a great school academically,” Howard said. “Joey being at Duke, academically he’s qualified, there are some other hurdles we have to dive deep into. Hopefully, we’re going to work hard, we’re going to give it our best shot. We Would love him.” Back. Not just because of the shoot but the person overall. He just fits in the locker room.

Baker is hoping to get a season of eligibility back from his freshman season after he was forced into the rotation during a sophomore year at Duke where he was on track to redshirt.

Due to injuries elsewhere, Baker played in four games totaling 18 minutes after not appearing in the Blue Devils’ first 26 games of the season.

Howard said, “Guys, Joey’s playing with them, he’s opening up now and becoming a seasoned leader.” “There are times when you’re new, you don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, it’s hard to be uncomfortable interacting with people. You want to be liked by them, but at the same time, they understand That he is in the big matches now and he sees that the players trust him. We need his leadership and it would be nice to have him back last season.”


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