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LeBron James-to-Warriors NBA trade scenario proposed by Colin Cowherd

Cowherd proposes wild LeBron-to-Warriors trade scenario originally appeared nbc sports birea

If LeBron James Doesn’t Retire From The NBA conditions favor warriors To land the four-time champion in the off-season.

Nothing is determined yet, certainly not even close. Still, the NBA world will do what it does best — imagine — until james announces himself Will decide what he does for the 2023-24 season.

Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd offered a possible james-to-the-warriors Business He believes that this will benefit both the teams. Friendly warning, Cowherd urges listeners to take a deep breath before accepting his offer.

“Yeah, the Warriors are already old. Adding LeBron would give them one thing down the road: senior waivers. I agree. Klay (Thompson) is 33. Steph (Curry) is 35. LeBron is 38. Draymond (Green) is 33. Looks like they’re punting on the future. Oh wait, they’ve already gotten rid of (James) Wiseman. They’ve already splurged on their big man for the future. And they’ve Weeks said that Kel, Drummond and Steph are what they’re building around. They don’t care about their future.

“The Warriors like guys with high IQs. Veterans. You have to be on Steph’s timeline. You have to be able to play in their system because it’s a high-IQ offensive system. Catch and react. LeBron is good at that.” . And they’re winning now, too. That’s why they traded away their No. 2 pick, James Wiseman. That’s why (Jonathan) Kuminga, super athletic, doesn’t play in the playoffs. It’s about winning now.

Why, or perhaps, who would Los Angeles feel comfortable trading the 19-time All-Star for? Which Golden State players can turn heads?

Cowboy provided a business package that he believes will get the job done.

“(Andrew) Wiggins, Kuminga and Jordan Poole. It works,” Cowherd declared. “With Rui (Hachimura) and (Anthony Davis). Oh it really works. So my wings will be Rui, Wiggins and Kuminga, I’ll sign up for that. Young, trained people, ascending. My big Eddie will be near the rim. My savior would be the no-ego Austin Reeves Grinder. A little arrogance, a lot of attitude Jordan Poole. Austin Reeves and Jordan Poole. I can live with that. The owner and GM of the Lakers has had to cede power to LeBron James. That’s what you do with LeBron. They’ll take it back. Kuminga, Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Austin Reaves, AD, and owner and GM Rob Pelinka now run the franchise again.

“Warriors, here are two things we know about them, they are winning now. That’s why he was released on bail on the trust of Wiseman. That’s why Kuminga doesn’t play. Well, Drummond, Klay, Steph, LeBron, (Kevon) Looney — it’s definitely better than the team they have now. … What have I talked about with LeBron and Eddie? They were completely compatible years ago. But LeBron is now down to 55 to 60 regular-season games a year. Same with Eddie. They often remember the same night. You need more boys. You can’t go to a game with Austin Reeves and Rui on the road in Denver with a chance.

The Lakers entered the playoffs as the No. 7 seed and made their way to the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, only to lose the top seed and see their season end on their home court.

Shortly thereafter, Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, citing league sources, reported that James was “unsure” whether he would play next season and that retirement was being considered.

Connected: Steph reveals the ‘silver lining’ to Warriors’ playoff exit

James is under contract with the Lakers for the 2023–24 season and has a player option for the 2024–25 season. If he chooses to play the 21st NBA season with another team, he will have to request a trade out of Los Angeles.

Cowherd continued, “The organization will get the power back – and the future.” “The Warriors will be getting one of the smartest players ever, Draymond Green and LeBron are tight, with LeBron publicly saying, ‘I’d love to play with Steph.’ ‘Golden State would be betting on his future,’ — they already have! That’s why Kuminga doesn’t play and why Wiseman is gone. That’s why he (Moses) talked about relocating Moody and Poole. Talked. And not about the future. New England (Patriots) In the end, that was one of Tom Brady’s frustrations, give me guys who can open up now.

“LeBron wants to play with the Ballers now. You saw Steph against Sacramento, the best player in the series. LeBron saw him too. You think on off nights, LeBron wasn’t looking at Steph Curry? He was looking at Draymond Green.” Knows an elite guard so he don’t have to guard guys on the wing, Drummond will do that. Looney will do the rebounding. LeBron will inevitably take Wiggins spot. They’d be better off. Kuminga not in the playoffs anyway Play. I don’t know. I’ve heard the craziest things.”

The current season hasn’t even ended yet speculation about what the next season will hold is already taking over the world of the NBA.

Buckle up, this is just the beginning.

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