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Lamar Jackson Makes It Clear He Will Not Hire An Agent

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson can officially start talking to other teams tomorrow. Today, he’s spending a bit of time on Twitter addressing his unresolved contract situation.

retweet an item In which ESPN’s Adam Schefter is quoted as saying that Jackson rejected a contract last year that included $200 million in guarantees, Jackson uses gif Which suggests disagreement with the dispute.

Jackson then tweeted this: “133/3 Year Fully Guaranteed😒 But I need an agent? “

It is unclear whether he is saying that he was offered a three-year, $133 million fully-guaranteed deal by the Ravens last year, or that he has recently been offered by the Ravens or someone else. It also does not say whether he is willing to accept such an offer or not.

The key number is familiar. Several ESPN reporters and analysts have previously claimed that the Ravens fully guaranteed the signing of $133 million for Jackson. We have consistently stated that it is impossible to know the true value of a contract offer without seeing all the details, including (for example) an injury guarantee that would have become a full guarantee after the first year.

It is unclear, based on the article retweeted by Jackson, whether Schefter identified guarantees that would vest after one year.

Regardless, Jackson’s tweet makes it clear that he won’t be changing course if he doesn’t hire an agent. Starting on Wednesday, we’ll see if that results in someone making him an offer he won’t refuse.

And of course, he needs an agent. For both his football contract and his marketing deals.

Having said that, I am not trying to attack him. I’m trying to help her. He deserves much more money than what he has got for his skill, ability and performance.

but you’re carrying water for the agents, some would inevitably say. Indeed, there’s no better argument for agents to pursue, since Lamar never hires anyone, because the end result of his exploits in self-representation will give the entire agent industry all the ammunition it’ll ever need to beat others. The case will need to be made for the players. Don’t try to do it alone – especially not the franchise quarterback.

I’m trying to persuade Lamar to hire an agent before it’s too late. He deserves to evaporate before his shot at a contract. Before many more millions of people, like Josh Allen Made in 2021 and 2022Gone for good.

Again, if I were really against their interests, I would not say a word about it. Or worse, I’d be openly cheering him on.

It makes you wonder what the people who are openly cheering him actually want to see happen.

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