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Lady Gaga Without Makeup Performs Emotional Performance of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Theme Song ‘Hold My Hand’ During Surprise Oscars 2023 Performance

Lady Gaga at the 95th Annual Academy Awards Chelsea Lauren / shutterstock

Make an unexpected appearance! Lady Gaga took the stage during the 2023 oscars on Sunday, March 12, to perform her song “Hold My Hand”. Top Gun: Maverick,

“I wrote this song with my friend Bloodpop for the movie Top Gun: Maverick In my studio basement. This is very personal to me and I think we all need each other,” the 36-year-old singer said before her surprise performance. “We need a lot of love to go on in this life and we all needs a hero. Sometimes there are heroes all around us in the ordinary places. But you may find that you can be your own hero — even if you feel broken inside.”

senseless went on to do a chilling rendition of the trackWho was it Nominated for Best Original Song, During her performance, the Academy Award nominee swapped her formal black Versace gown for a simple T-shirt and jeans. She also opted for a fresh-faced look as she walked the red carpet in bright red lipstick.

Lady Gaga Gives Emotional Oscars Performance on 'Top Gun: Maverick' Song

Lady Gaga singing at the 95th Annual Academy Awards Rob Latour / shutterstock

Surprise performance comes after producer for awards show announced earlier that she would not be attending due to prior work commitments.

The Oscars producer said, “We have a great relationship with Lady Gaga and her camp (but) she’s in the middle of filming a movie right now, and here we are, honoring the film industry and helping her make a movie.” What has to be done for that.” glenn weiss Said during the Oscars Creative Team press conference on Wednesday, March 8, referring to the singer’s role in clown sequel folie a deux, “After a bunch of back and forth, it didn’t feel like she could get a performance to the caliber that we’re used to with her, that she is and all that stuff.”

However, hours before Sunday’s show, it was confirmed that Gaga would be attending Hollywood’s biggest night.

senseless named for his contribution Together bloodpop And benjamin rice to the song “Hold My Hand” Top Gun: Maverick Song Music. Other Best Original Song nominees include diane warrenof “Applause,” Rihanna‘S “Lift me up,” MM Keeravani“Natu Natu” and Ryan Lott, David Byrne And mitski“this is life.”

Top Gun: Maverick lead Tom Cruise first praised gaga For the role he played in bringing alive the emotional track.

“With every movie, the score is incredibly important, and in a top Gun movie, it was like, ‘What is that?’ Everything was like, ‘How do you top this?’ And I was like, ‘I’m not trying to top it. I just want to be authentic to the story we’re telling,” Cruise, 60, recalled during an interview in May 2022. cinema bland, “And when Gaga came out with that song – you know, we had Lorne Balfe who produced it and Hans Zimmer, i know since rain Man, i brought her in rain Man And days of Thunder, And harold faltmeyerof course i already knew top Gun,

The actor continued: “So you have all these elements – and then Gaga came along with this song – it became our score. It became the beat of the movie, what she did. And I called her up and said, ‘I Don’ I don’t think you understand emotionally…’ I was very worried, until I heard that piece. And I knew that piece, what it does, it made our story emotionally How it connected. So that was a moment. That was a real moment for all of us.”

Meanwhile, Director Joseph Kosinski revealed He was initially nervous upon hearing Gaga sing for the film.

He said, “Hearing that song for the first time was nerve-wracking.” insider Same month “We went to the record label, and you’re almost afraid you’re not going to like it, because how do you say thank you to Lady Gaga?”

Kosinski said he knew the tune as soon as he heard it that it was for top Gun, adding, “As soon as we heard the song, it was like, Wow, this is a classic tune. It’s fantastic. Even in demo form. When Hans heard it he was like, ‘I want it Can be used as the theme of the film. He worked it into his orchestral score. So it’s much more than just a song in the film. It’s the whole theme of the film.”

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Top Gun: MaverickThe sequel to the 1986 original film also received nominations for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Dramatic Film on Sunday night. action drama Featured A Star-studded Cast Involved val kilmer, miles teller, jennifer connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman And Ed Harris,



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