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Kyle Kuzma hilariously fails at Steph Curry signature turnaround 3-pointer

Watch cuz hilariously fail at Steph’s signature turnaround tray originally appeared nbc sports birea

Warriors guard Steph Curry is one of the most revolutionary NBA players ever. Not only did Curry change the way players shot from long range, but he also changed how players celebrated their made — or missed — shots.

The latest player to attempt Curry’s signature turnaround celebration was Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night. Instead, Kuzma went viral with an on-court lowlight.

He hit a corner 3-pointer near the Wizards bench and turned to his teammates before the shot went in. But Kuzma celebrated a hair too early as the shot went in embarrassingly wide.

While Kuzma tried to channel his inner Curry, he became more like Nick Young and Kemba Walker.

Here’s the exact lesson from the creator himself on what it looks like after a successful shot:

Even Kuzma’s companions could not help but laugh at this moment. And what a wonderful moment it was.

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However, Kuzma ended up having the last laugh of the night as the Wizards walked away with a 119–117 victory over the Detroit Pistons. Kuzma finished the game with 23 points.

The Wizards are currently ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference, while Curry and the Warriors are tied for sixth in the West.

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