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Klay Thompson erupted for 33 points, eight 3-pointers in first half vs. Suns

Clay emerged for 33 points on eight 3s in the first half vs. the Suns originally appeared nbc sports birea

Clay thompson was on a mission In the first half of the Warriors’ game against the Phoenix Suns on Monday night at the Chase Center, and there was no stopping him.

The Warriors star finished the first half with 33 points on 12-of-18 shooting from the field and 8-of-12 from behind the 3-point line, helping Golden State lead 75-58 over Phoenix at the break .

When Thompson gets into the “Game 6 clay” zone, he’s impossible to stop. And the Suns had no chance. Just look at the last 3-pointer of the half. Devin Booker defended him well and hit five The NBA All-Star just hit a controversial shot.

Thompson entered Monday’s game averaging 22.0 points per game this season and 25.1 points in 27 games since. the calendar turns to 2023, Both of these numbers will increase slightly after his latest performance, no matter what he does against the Suns in the second half.

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This is the Thompson the Warriors need going into the NBA Playoffs.



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