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Judy Bloom says her quote about JK Rowling being ‘backwards’ was ‘out of context’ as she clarifies support for the trans community

Judy Bloom, at the April 15 premiere are you there god It’s me, Margaret. Setting the record straight after discussing JK Rowling in a recent article. (Photo: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Judy Bloom is clarifying her support for the transgender community after sharing a new interview with Sunday Times that she is “100%” behind fellow author JK Rowling, which some took as an expression of support harry potter The author’s controversial views on sex and gender.

“I love her,” Bloom, whose 1970 book are you there god It’s me, Margaret. Reported to be adapted into a film to be released on April 28 Sunday Times Rowling’s author Hadley Freeman. “I’m behind him 100% as I watch from afar.” Freeman, who has Gender-critical feminism often covered, wrote that Bloom’s quotes were referring to “the abuse Rowling received for speaking out in defense of women’s sex-based rights.” But in a new statement, Bloom says otherwise.

Bloom, 85, claimed on social media on Sunday that her quote about Rowling had been “taken out of context” after her quote from the paid article went viral. According to Bloom, she was referring to the sarcasm and threats Rowling says she has dealt with as a result of sharing her views, which many have called transphobic. Weeping The author emphasized his own support for the trans community.

“I fully support the trans community,” Bloom shared. “My point, taken out of context, is that I can empathize with a writer – or person – who has been harassed online. I stand with the trans community and disagree with any , which does not fully support equality and acceptance for LGBTQIA+.” People. Anything to the contrary is total bullsh**t.

Bloom gave her fans a Recently he gave an interview Diversityin which he spoke out against the banning of books, many of which focused on LGBTQ material.

“Who are you protecting your children from?” he told the outlet. “Protecting our children means educating them and equipping them with knowledge, and reading and supporting what they want to read. No child is going to become transgender or gay or lesbian because they read a book It’s not going to happen. They can say, ‘Oh, it’s just like me. That’s what I’m feeling and thinking.’ Or, ‘I’m interested in this because I have friends who may be gay, bi, lesbian.’ They want to know!

In a speech earlier this month, Bloom also drew a parallel to the censorship efforts she herself faced as a writer who introduced young readers to topics such as puberty and sexuality.

“With me it was sexuality, and puberty in particular – which was a very dirty word to some people. It was not something the censors wanted to talk about with their children,” she said DiversityWomen’s Power Luncheon in early April. “You know – if they don’t read about it, they won’t know about it, and if they don’t know about it, it will never occur to them… guess what.”



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