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Jonathan Majors’ attorney claims he was victim in domestic violence case, presents ‘irrefutable evidence’

Jonathan Majors says he did not assault his ex-girlfriend and has submitted evidence in court ahead of a May 8 hearing. (Photo: Invision/AP, File)

Jonathan Majors has maintained his innocence, claiming “irrefutable evidence” proves he did not assault his ex-girlfriend. One legal expert believes what has been presented so far is a strong start for the defence, but notes it is “early” in terms of what has been released in the case.

Major’s attorney, Priya Chowdhary, filed legal documents obtained by Yahoo Entertainment that show the alleged victim clubbing after the alleged assault. In the video footage, she is seen uninjured using her right hand and finger allegedly broken by Major.

Chowdhary writes, “She did her dance on the DJ booth, handed the DJ a note, danced wildly (even dangling the DJ booth by her right hand), drank champagne, and smoked a — Definitely had a good time.” In a letter to the court accepted on Wednesday.

One of Hollywood’s most promising young actors, Major was charged on March 25 with misdemeanor assault and harassment stemming from an alleged altercation with his then-girlfriend. In the complaint, the 30-year-old woman has claimed creed iii Starr struck him “about the face with an open hand, causing great pain and a wound behind his ear.”

However, Major’s attorney claims that he was the victim and told a judge that they had several witnesses to prove it.

“As observed by the driver, who saw and heard everything, just before 1:00 a.m., (the woman) attacked Mr. Major in a car while she was attempting to steal his phone. The driver stated that will testify that Mr. Majors never hit (her) in any way at any time, or even raised her voice, and instead – while (she) was striking Mr. Majors, scratching and was attacking them – Mr. Majors begged the driver to open the door so he could jump out of the car and escape. The driver will testify that he opened the door to help Mr. Majors escape,” Chowdhry Let’s write “(The woman) then attacked Mr Major in the street when he tried to run away from her. In doing so, and in an attempt to prevent him from running away, she tore the buttons of his coat and tore the pockets of his coat , but he escaped”

Major reportedly stayed at a hotel while his girlfriend went to a night club. While partying, he sent her “angry, jealous text messages” and accused her of infidelity. He allegedly charged her credit card for an $800 bottle of champagne without permission. The woman went to his apartment around 3.30 am and called him 32 times as he was not there. The Marvel star’s attorneys submitted security video footage from the apartment building that shows her uninjured, brushing hair behind her ear when she arrived without injury.

The 33-year-old actor returned to his apartment the next morning due to alleged suicide threats from his girlfriend. They found the alleged victim vomiting on his bed and “unconscious” in his walk-in closet. In body cam footage, the woman apparently told paramedics that she took “some” sleeping pills. Major’s lawyers believe that when she came out, she fell in the closet and suffered the injuries.

Chowdhary says “we must look at everything in this country through the prism of race” and asks the judge to consider what would happen if the roles were reversed.

“A tall, strong, young, very well-known black man slapping, scratching, biting, and assaulting a thin white woman in a car who is two feet away from a driver who is watching and who clearly has There is a video recorder from her. And then, as she jumps out of the car to avoid him, he follows her down a public street in busy Manhattan and tears off her clothes while holding her to prevent her from running away. Then, when he sees her a few minutes later and gets back in the car — in front of the driver and three people on the road — he immediately starts attacking her,” Chowdhury writes.

“And when she successfully elopes? Then he goes to the club, buys champagne on her credit card, does shots, dances the night away (with witnesses to her violent assault), and then goes to her apartment to wait for her. does – and is shocked and angry that she broke up with him after he was assaulted. If Mr. Major (or any black man) had done this to a white woman, you would find him a violent, dangerous, abusive psychopath. could have believed,” he continues.

Chowdhary says he “hopes the district attorney’s office will take quick steps to dismiss this case.”

A Diversity Reports on Wednesday claimed that more women have reportedly come forward and are cooperating in the investigation. The DA’s office declined to comment when contacted by Yahoo; However, Chowdhary said that this is a lie.

“This story is baseless and has no basis,” Chowdhary said. Los Angeles Times, “Jonathan Major is innocent and has not abused anyone. Mr Major is currently considering his legal options.”

Judy Saunders, Powerhouse Litigator & Partner Ask LLPYahoo tells Entertainment that the present evidence shows that “the prosecution’s case rests substantially on the statements of the complaining witness, whose credibility has been cast in an unfavorable light.”

“Generally speaking, the prosecution of domestic violence cases are difficult cases, fraught with highly charged emotions and difficult evidentiary issues. The case involving Mr. Major is very recent and it appears that the New York County District Attorney’s Office is still a is investigating,” says Saunders, who specializes in criminal and civil cases involving sexual abuse.

“From my experience as a prosecutor, domestic violence cases are notoriously difficult to prosecute and secure top count convictions, unless there are significant injuries, a documented history of abuse, and cooperative victims, He continues. “Typically, the prosecution’s case consists of statements from a complaining witness, minor injuries, such as bruising or redness, and general denial by the alleged wrongdoer. This minimal evidence usually dismisses the vast majority of domestic violence cases.” is terminated or dismissed within six months to one year.”

Saunders believes that at this “early stage”, the prosecution will “have to soberly assess their case” based on the evidence presented.

“Mr. Major’s defense team has done a good job of presenting evidence that contradicts the complaining witness’s statement,” she explains. However, it is not clear at this early stage what other evidence the prosecution has in this case.

Major, who is expected to be an award contender for his performance this year magazine play, Already facing setbacks in his promising career. Earlier this week the actor was dropped by his publicist and manager and was linked to sever ties with a few projects. However, the actor’s foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he is set to play Kang avengers: kong dynasty, is reportedly still up in the air as no decision has been made. will be seen in the second season of bottle gourd on Disney+ as it has already been shot.

Major is expected to appear in court on May 8 where he will go before a judge on the domestic violence charges.



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