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Jane Fonda opens up about Robert Redford, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Douglas and more in Unfiltered Cannes appearance

Jane Fonda speaks on stage during an interaction with the public at the 76th International Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, Friday, May 26, 2023. (Photo: Joel C. Ryan/Invision/AP)

Jane Fonda has never been behind in her decades-long career, so why would she start now?

The two-time Oscar winner spoke for 90 minutes at the Rendezvous with Jane Fonda event at the Cannes Film Festival, where she had her unfiltered thoughts about Hollywood and past costars, including Robert Redford, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Douglas and others . Here are the juicy highlights.

robert redford

Fonda said, “He’s a very nice person.” deadline, “He just has a problem with women.” The actress didn’t elaborate, but she knew her co-star well as they had starred in four films together: 1966’s Pursuancescreen version of barefoot in the park in 1967, the electric horseman in 1979 and 2017 Our souls in the night Fonda said she was “in love” with him during the first three films.

Fonda said, “He didn’t like kissing.” She added, “I never said anything to him (about it). And he is always in a bad mood and I always felt it was my fault.”

by their fourth film, Fonda realized their love of reason was No His mistake: “I was what, about 80 years old or something. And I finally found out I’m a grown-up. When he’d show up on set three hours late in a bad mood, I knew it wasn’t my fault.” Was. “

Jean-Luc Godard

Goddard directed Fonda in 1972 Everything is fine. ,He was a great filmmaker. I take off my hat. A great filmmaker. But as a man? Forgive me. No. No.”

lee marvin

Fonda enjoyed making the 1965 western-comedy cat ballu With Marvin and learned a few things from and about his co-star.

“I loved making the movie. And Lee Marvin was fantastic,” she shared. “He was so funny. He was always drunk. We stayed at the same motel, and they had to carry him up the stairs.”

“We used to shoot for 14 hours a day sometimes,” she said. “And Lee Marvin took me aside and he said, ‘Fonda, we’re the stars of this movie. If we allow them to work that many hours, we don’t get hurt. This is the crew. We have To stand up for the crew, for the employees, and we have to refuse to work so long. We have to stand up for the crew.’ And it never crossed my mind. That was a great lesson from Lee Marvin.”

Katharine Hepburn

The two were friends before Hepburn’s death in 2003, something that baffled Fonda because the iconic actress “didn’t like me.”

Fonda made 1981 on golden pond With his father, Henry Fonda, and Hepburn. “It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life,” shared the actress. vulture, “I made the film for my father, but the person I learned from in film was Katharine Hepburn.” Henry Fonda passed away in 1982.

“All three of us were nominated for Oscars, and I didn’t win, and he did,” Fonda recalled. “And I called Hepburn over to congratulate her and she said, ‘You’ll never catch me now! ‘”

Fonda said that Hepburn was “so interesting” because “she wanted me to keep talking about her after she died, and I talk about her all the time.”

Michael Douglas

An audience member asked Fonda about entering the entertainment industry, and in response, an anecdote about Douglas, with whom she starred china syndrome,

“Don’t let idiots get near you!” He replied. “You have to be strong and stand up to them, but do it in a diplomatic manner. You don’t want to make enemies. It’s all about relationships. That’s the big mistake I made. I never built relationships. Michael Douglas I’m great. I don’t think he really likes me, but he’s very diplomatic.”

lily tomlin

Apparently, there was no actual tea as Fonda confirmed that Tomlin is her favorite co-star. We could have told you that.



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