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Jane Doe No. 5’s identity revealed as Harvey Weinstein’s LA legal cases end

Just as Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles legal battle comes to a close, another accuser has come forward to publicly reveal his identity.

Kate Jaggard was set to appear as Jane Doe No. 5 in Weinstein’s 2022 rape trial, but she was ultimately never called to testify. In exchange, four of the charges attached to his charges were dropped.

Very few details were shared about Jaggard, other than her being an actress and model living in Australia. He is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who revealed his identity to the media Tuesday after the final hearing in Weinstein’s L.A. case.

In a statement provided by Allred, Jaggard said, “I want to express my enormous gratitude to the four other Jane Dus who testified at the recent trial of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles.” “In my opinion, the conviction was a victory for all sexual assault victims.”

Weinstein was facing four charges involving Jaggard: two counts of forcible oral sex and two counts of forcible rape.

Initially, Weinstein faced 11 allegations from a total of five women in LA. The prosecution did not proceed to testify for Jane Doe No. 5 for unknown reasons, and the judge all four of his charges were dismissed In the middle of a two month trial.

Allred declined to provide any further details about Jaggard, her allegations against Weinstein or why the allegations were dropped. But, in a statement read to the media by Allred with her client’s permission, Jaggard says she spent five years seeking justice against Weinstein, cooperating with the DA’s office, speaking with law enforcement and Testified before the grand jury.

“Unfortunately, and with deep disappointment, however, although I was prepared to plead at trial, due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not appear for trial. Consequently, those charges are dismissed.” delivered,” Jaggard said in a statement.

when asked by Diversity When asked for more information about Jaggard not being called to testify, Allred said he was unable to provide more information.

Diversity has reached out to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for comment. (At the time the four charges were dismissed, a spokesperson for the DA’s office told Diversity“While we have no comment at this time, our office is working tirelessly to bring justice to all the victims in this case.”)

Jaggard noted in her statement that even though she did not attend the trial, she wanted to speak at Weinstein’s sentencing last month to tell the judge how his alleged crimes had affected her life, but she was not allowed to attend the court. was not permitted by To deliver a Victim Impact Statement at sentencing.

“I was very disappointed,” Jaggard said. “It is our birthright to be safe, respected and not violated, and it is our constitutional right to be heard.”

Elred is fiercely fighting the court To allow victims to testify at sentencing hearingsConviction or not. The attorney says the issue is bigger than Weinstein, and hopes to set a precedent for future sex crimes cases. This week, Allred filed a petition for review in the California Supreme Court on the matter.

Weinstein was sentenced in Los Angeles to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual assault and rape. He was ordered to serve that sentence after his 2020 New York trial served 23 years. Weinstein is currently appealing both convictions. Tuesday morning, judge announces Harvey Weinstein won’t stand another test in Los Angeles for the remaining charges on which the jury was deadlocked.

Diversity Beyond his statement, Allred has contacted Jaggard directly for additional comment.

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