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How ‘The Flash’ Series Finale Wraps Up The CW’s Arrowverse

Note: This story is from the series finale of The CW’s “The Flash”.

“The Flash” has officially crossed the finish line on The CW and with it, the Arrowverse has officially come to an end. So, how exactly did the show wrap up its nine seasons and entire on-screen universe?

Well, the good news is that everyone got their happy ending. But before we get to the end, let’s start at the beginning.

As Promise, Tom Cavanaugh did indeed return for the series finale of “The Flash” and very quickly too. Eobard Thawne wasn’t the only major villain from Barry’s (Grant Gustin) past to return, however. Savitri also made an appearance in Karan Oberoi’s Godspeed and a few others.

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As it turns out, Eddie (Rick Cosnett) — now officially known as Cobalt Blue — brought all the villains together into the Negative Speed ​​Force just before he died, forming Zoom’s army. Knowing that Barry had an entire team of Supers, Eddie brought in his own crew of villains to divide and conquer.

Of course, Team Flash is very powerful, so they dealt with the Legion fairly quickly – especially with the help of special guest Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp). This turns out to be good enough for Eddie though, as he soon realizes that he needs to get up to his teammates’ speed anyway in order to have a chance of defeating the Flash.

But Barry had seen what happened to a negative Speed ​​Force avatar that previously took a lot of energy. And, despite Eddie’s evil turn in the season’s final episode, Barry knew there was still a good guy out there and didn’t want to see Eddie die (again).

Granted, Barry needed a quick pep talk from Khion (DANIEL PANABAKER) to remember, and she encouraged him to realize that the speed forces should work together rather than attempt to destroy each other. Barry was skeptical but willing to try anyway because, let’s not forget, Iris (Candice Patton) was also in the midst of giving birth.

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So, he went to the Negative Speed ​​Force, thanks to an assist from Khion’s powers, and was, unfortunately, killed by Barry. But he managed to persuade Eddie to resist the Negative Speed ​​Force’s corruption – but still remained the Avatar. And so, the timeline is restored and Barry arrives at the hospital just in time to see the birth of his daughter.

Meanwhile, Chester (Brandon McKnight) was the only member of the team who came close to danger, but apparently, when he briefly merged with a black hole, some of that cosmic energy stuck around. . So, while Barry and Iris are in the hospital, Chester learns that he is actually a Chunk (and he thrilled about this).

Now, with the danger past, a certain Wells appeared at the hospital to Khione, to tell him that his work was done and it was time to ascend. She needed some time to say goodbye to her family on Team Flash, but she understood it was the natural course of things. And, in a happy twist for the team, Caitlin herself returned after that ascension, as Khion no longer needed Danielle Panabaker’s body.

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Finally, the big moment arrived, with Barry and Iris welcoming baby Nora into the world. And of course, the grown-up Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was the first to catch him, which is weird, even for West-Ellens. (But apparently, not as weird as Bart’s due date, she cheekily warns).

A week after Nora entered the world, the family had a proper welcoming shower, which resulted in Joe proposing to Cecil – “Finally!” — and Barry and Caitlin are making out. Together, Team Flash prepared for the future.

And though the Arrowverse is coming to an end, the series finale of “The Flash” manages to sneak in a few new heroes — but mostly just for Easter egg purposes. Realizing that his powers should be known to more people, Barry splits them up, giving his powers to none other than comic staples Everyone Ho (Piper Karda), Max Mercury, and Jess Chambers.

As the episode and series come to an end, Barry begins to tell a story to his daughter – a story that sounds all too familiar. Yes, his voiceover during the series was actually talking to baby Nora, preparing her for everything she had to learn about her family before she could become a hero.

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