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‘Herd’ creator Janine Nabors wanted Dre to have an ‘exotic’ relationship with sex because black women are typically ‘sexualized’ in TV and movies

Janine Nabors in 2023.Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

  • “Swarm” co-creator Janine Nabors revealed that she wanted lead character Dre to be less sexual.

  • “It was very, very important that she had a relationship with sex that was a little bit different,” she said.

  • According to Nabors, she was very aware of how often black women are sexually exploited on screen.

on amazon prime video New series “The Swarm,” Main character Dre (played by Dominic Fishbach) has a torrid relationship with sex for most of the show. Creator Janine Nabors told Insider that the decision to make Dre apathetic towards sex was something she and co-creator Donald Glover talked about “a lot”.

“For me, it was very important that she have a relationship with sex that was a little foreign and exotic,” Nabors said during a recent interview at the 2023 South by Southwest Film & TV Festival in Austin, Texas.

“I think that oftentimes, black women in TV and movies, especially when they play the protagonists in their own lives, are sexualized in some way. You know, it’s sassy and sexy and someone’s looking for love, Nabors continued. “And that’s not the story I wanted to tell.”

According to Nabors, Dre’s sexual activity (spoiler: the character loses his virginity in the first episode) was also inspired by tropes in horror films and thrillers.

Dre (Dominic Fishback) "swarm"

Dominic Fishbach in “The Swarm”.prime video

“Every horror story starts with a virgin, right? So how do you take that and turn it in some way? You think it’s a setup like, ‘Oh, this woman is about to lose her virginity, And then something is going to be reborn, something is going to unfold,'” Nabors told Insider.

But instead, as the “Atlanta” writer explained, Dre is ultimately inspired by “Blood.”

“That’s how we’re breaking down this story. And I think we were really careful not to really see (Dre) as someone we were familiar with, with people having some kind of relationship with him.” intimate relationship over a period of two and a half years,” Nabors said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nabors recounts how a “very funny” story Glover told her about their previous hook-up. prompted for a shot of a loose penis Fruit pressed against glass bowl.

“Swarm” premiered on Prime Video on Friday. You can watch the trailer below.

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