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Everything everywhere at once. The real world laundromat has become a tourist attraction.

Real fans ignore the Oscar-nominated actor and head to the washing machine for his autograph.

after collecting a whole bunch of trophies independent spirit award And this SAG Awards, everything together everywhere poised to receive even more accolades at this weekend’s oscars, And with all that extra attention, a simple laundromat in San Fernando, Los Angeles, is likely to be even busier than it was last year.

According to Major Coin Laundry recently Los Angeles Times ArticleIts origins as Evelyn and Waymond Wang’s family business have since become a tourist destination that attracts fans “from as close as Burbank and as far away as Singapore”. everything together everywhere,

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The article reported that fans “take selfies in front of the building’s recognizable green and red signage”. Some come in costume. Others simply stare at the washing machine and dryer, attempting to re-live scenes from the movie.

Its owners, Kenny and Irene Majors, have run the business, which was built by Kenny’s grandfather in 1983, shortly after they met in Mexico City. Irene, a former jazz singer, has since started working as a registered nurse, but formerly “does most of the office work” (including taxes) at the laundromat, while Kenny continues to work on the washing and drying machines. were largely responsible for Like the Wangs, the two have a daughter and Irene describes her and her husband’s personalities as being very similar to Evelyn and Waymond.

The laundromat was turned into a film set for just one week in March 2020 and is depicted very faithfully apart from a superimposed second floor apartment screen for exterior shots and the fact that the upstairs door to the film is actually I have just the entrance ” a boiler room and supply closet.

Despite the only on-site mementos from the shoot being “a dented washer from a scene where Yoh tees off with a baseball bat” and “signs written in Chinese advising customers not to overload the washing machine with clothes, it keeps drawing everything together everywhere fans. The article described the man as having “seen the movie at least 25 times” and said that visiting the Majors “felt like a strange, nostalgic thing, even though I’d never been there before.” Another couple mentioned in the article stayed in costume on Halloween, saying that a conversation “about their love for film and life” after their visit is now a “super bittersweet, beautiful[moment]” that “went from that laundromat”. attached.”

For Kenny and Irene, it was equally emotional to see the movie being filmed and finished in theaters. Kenny recalls that he had to sit in his car and cry while watching a scene being shot because it made him think about his life, tied to the laundromat like Wang’s.

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