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el nuevo antibiotic descubierto con intelligentia artificial que acaba con a specific mortal de superbacteria

Scientist Denis Catacutón Trabaja en el antibiotic experimental descubierto con la auda de la intelligencia artificial.

With Artificial Intelligence (IA), the scientific group has described a new antibiotic that can kill a special lethal substance of superbacteria.

The IA permit allows to reduce the list of miles that have expired with those that have been analyzed in the laboratory.

result fue on Potent antibiotic experimental Lamado aboucinaWhich for the time being allows us to get used to it as a new journey.

Investigators from Canada and the United Nations confirm that IA can increase the vastness of new pharmacies.

This is the ultimate example that this is a revolution in a medical practice.

superbacteria detector

Antibiotics contain bacteria. However, you’ve suffered a lot through the decades from las bacteria han wilto There’s always going to be difficulties, it’s the resistance that you want antibiotics What are you doing,

It is estimated that more than one in a million people are exposed to agents that cause infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

The biggest problem is a central detection of bacterial species: the Acinetobacter baumanniiQue poede infector heridas y causar pneumoniae.

Aancu no si frequente oir hablar de ella, Se trata de una de las tres superbacteria Que la Organization Mundial de la Salud Identifica a amenaza “Crítica”.

A menu that ignores many antibiotics and causes problems in hospitals and homes, it allows superficial and under-equipped practitioners to survive.

l Doctor Jonathan Stokes, investigator at McMaster University in Canada, describes a superbacterium as a superbacterium “animigo publico numero uno”This is the “true mango” in which case you are “completely resistant to antibiotics”.

Dr Jonathan Stokes

l Doctor Jonathan Stokes described a la the superbacterium Acinetobacter baumannii as “enemy public no.

intelligence artificial

Against the new antibiotic, it is being tested for the first time in IA. Tomarn miles de los que se conoscia la structre quimica precisa and los proberon manual en la Acinetobacter baumannii, para identificar que podia raltenizer o mater a la superbacteria.

The introduction to IA provides information on what are the characteristics of bactericidal drugs in bacteria.

luego, La ia gave a list 6.680 compuestos cuya efficiecia to desconocia, The results, published in Scientific Reviews nature chemical biologyMost people present a hora and media in a list.

The investigators screened 240 in the laboratory and tested the new antibiotic for potential. It is a powerful antibiotic abousina.

The most commonly used laboratory experiments can infect many patients and A.

“Aqui es cuando comienza el trabajo” by Stokes.

Up next is a skilled pharmaco in a lab and feel it in clinics.

Stokes advertises that I discovered antibiotics before 2030, which is a question starting in 2030.

Interestingly, this antibiotic has no effect on other species of bacteria experimentally and acts singly in A. baumannii.

Machos antibiotics contain bacteria indiscriminately. Investigators find that drug resistance is difficult to test for and that they promote second-hand effects.

Bacteria cultivated in a laboratory.

Bacteria cultivated in a laboratory.

Basically, IA is able to detect millions of possible computations, no manual operation can be.

“La IA claims that a mundo is perfect, reduce the cost of this discovery, new antibiotic classes are needed,” Stokes said.

Investigators examine the use of IA and antibiotics against the bacteria e coli In 2020, another aircraft centers and other infectious agents: Staphylococcus aureus why pseudomonas aeruginosa,

“Este halazgo respalda un mas la premisa de que la ia puede accelerar y expandir significatimente nuestra buscada de nuevos antibiotas”Professor James Collins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Estoy emosionado de que este trabajo nos ayud a demostrar que podemos usor la ia para combatir pathogenes problematicus como la A Baumanni“, Agree.

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