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Commanders sale believed to be imminent, Snyders moved out of facility

It actually appears to be on the verge of happening.

After nearly 24 years of ownership by Dan Snyder, the Commander may very soon be under new management.

According to multiple sources, Dan and Tanya Snyder have already moved out of the team facility prior to the sale of the team. As a source explained, they moved in at the end of December.

We are also told that, within the building, the word used in relation to a potential sale is “imminent”. Multiple sources said the sale could be approved and announced as soon as upcoming league meetings in Arizona.

Dan and Tanya Snyder announced in November that they were considering selling all or some of the franchises. Then came the process of acquiring bidders, amid some doubt from within the ranks of the other owners that Dan Snyder would actually go through with it.

The identity of the group that bought the team is not known. At least three different potential bidders have visited the facility and the stadium.

A team spokesperson said via text message that the organization is not commenting on anything related to potential transactions.

josh harris Recently, Harris extended his candidacy by adding Mitchell Rails to the group. Uncertainty still remains whether Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was able to bid on the team. There have been conflicting reports about whether Bezos was frozen out or allowed to enter the bidding process.

Dan Snyder’s request to be indemnified by the other owners is still an issue to be resolved. As a source explained, the restitution request includes matters currently being investigated by outside counsel Mary Jo White. It is believed that other owners would never agree to such broad and comprehensive legal protection for Snyder.

Ultimately, at least 24 owners have to approve the sale for it to become final. And it’s ambitious, to say the least, for a potential transaction that hasn’t been announced to be fast-tracked to the point where it’s approved and unveiled at the same time.

Again, this is a unique situation. The goal may be to keep everything quietly and discreetly buttoned up so that it can be kept under wraps with the potential for anyone to develop cold feet once the potential departure crystallizes.

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