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Bob Odenkirk Says 2021 Heart Attack Changed His Life: ‘I’m Trying to Be More Present’

Bob Odenkirk Rollout

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shortly after the series finale of his Emmy Award-winning hit better call SaulThe 60-year-old actor has wrote a children’s book With his 22-year-old daughter, Erin, and starring as a disillusioned college professor on AMC lucky hank, Yet even seasoned actors are willing to take things slow.

“Big life changes are happening,” Odenkirk told PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I’m trying to be more present and create some space in my life because when you run from one thing to the next you deprive yourself of the fun of the experience.”

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29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrival

29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – Arrival

In July 2021, Odenkirk’s life was almost cut short, while filming scenes for Saulhe experienced a serious heart attack, to this day they have no memory of the eventIn which his heart stopped beating and he was taken to Albuquerque Hospital.

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“I’m still coming to terms with it,” Odenkirk says. “Besides, I’m still amazed how many people had such goodwill towards me and wanted me to be okay. I don’t know exactly what to call it—Saul is not a particularly nice person! But it was very poignant. And I can only appreciate it and try to make something good out of it.”

Bob Odenkirk Rollout

Bob Odenkirk Rollout


That means more time for reading (he’s currently engrossed in eight books) and with his family, which also includes his wife of 25 years, comedy manager Naomi Odenkirk, and their son Nate, 24.

Odenkirk laughs, “My kids are very capable young men, but I’m still like their ass.” “I’m just really happy.”

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It’s fitting that Odenkirk’s latest role resonates with the actor himself.

Odenkirk says, “This guy, Hank Deveraux Jr., he loves his daughter, he loves his wife and he’s got an outlook on life and just lets it rip.” “He’s a lot like me.”

Bob Odenkirk Rollout

Bob Odenkirk Rollout

Sergey Bachalkov / AMC

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