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Austin Rivers Predicts Warriors Beat Kings In Game 7, Go On To Win NBA Finals

Rivers Predicts Dubs Will Beat Kings In Game 7, Go On To Win Finals originally appeared nbc sports birea

Austin Rivers has seen this movie several times, so he believes he knows how it ends for the Warriors.

minnesota timberwolves guard taken to your podcast To throw out some NBA playoff predictions this week, and he has the Warriors going on to not only defeat the Sacramento Kings in seven games but earn their second straight NBA Finals win.

“When I played for the (Houston) Rockets a few years back, we played the Warriors,” Rivers explained on the “Off Guard” podcast. “We went to Golden State, we lost the first two games. Bam, bam. Down 0-2. We went back to Houston, we won the next two. It’s tied at 2-2. It’s that simple — you just So much to do, what to do is win Game 3, and then once you win Game 3, it’s a mind game in the playoffs. …

“So, I knew the Warriors were going to handle business. They won Game 3, and soon after that, you know it’s a series now.”

Rivers said he originally thought that after Sacramento won Games 1 and 2, Golden State could post four straight wins to take the opening-round playoff series from the Kings, but knew that if they did not Even then they will win in seven. But he did not stop at the first round victory.

“I have the Warriors winning — truth be told, I have no one beating the Warriors,” Rivera continued. “I have Warriors going to the Finals. I have Warriors winning the Finals. It’s been my experience playing in the West for the last six, seven years, and this team has been the common denominator that has hindered me, I’ve had conference What has limited them from reaching the finals. This one team.”

During his 11-year NBA career, Rivers has spent time with Western Conference teams such as the Rockets, Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Pelicans, facing off against the Warriors in the post-season and a close one. Glimpse watching. Dynasty in action.

Rivers has lost to the Warriors twice in the playoffs, in 2019 with the Rockets and in 2022 with the Nuggets.

and further golden states game 7 On Sunday against Sacramento at Golden 1 Center, he sees a fully healthy Warriors squad capable of hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy again.

“And I’m seeing all of them healthy and flourishing right now,” Rivers said. “…if they’re healthy, I don’t see anyone beating them four times out of seven games, especially at Oracle. I don’t see it. And it’s not like there’s anyone else in the West that dominant . that you can see it happen.”

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Game 7 Winner Will face the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Whether he will be a warrior or a king, remains to be seen, but Rivers has certainly made up his mind.

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