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Agatha: Coven of Chaos star Patti LuPone wasn’t familiar with the MCU: ‘And I’m still not!’

You know those people who watch every new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, Patti LuPone is not one of them. In fact, the Broadway legend wasn’t familiar with the Marvel world at all before she was cast in the role of a witch named Lily Calderoo in the upcoming film. wandavision By-product Agatha: Covenant of Chaos,

β€œAnd I still am not,” LuPone told EW with a laugh. “I am Even then Not familiar with it. i had to see wandavision Twice to find out.”

Patti LuPone Attends The 75th Annual Tony Awards

Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullen via Getty Images Patti LuPone

Despite admitting her ignorance about the wider Marvel universe, the actress insisted she was having fun making the show, which katherine hahn repeats it wandavision starring Agatha Harkness.

“I’m having a blast,” she says. “It’s an amazing group of ladies, a phenomenal crew as well. I mean, the design on this piece is extraordinary. Jack Schaefer is so talented, he’s the creator of wandavision and now clan of chaos, and this is an extraordinary role of women.”

LuPone discussed the series and her role while appearing on the show Scene Last week.

“This is a den of witches, and i play lilia calderoo, which is apparently in the Marvel World. I researched her, she’s hot, she’s really hot, she has a great body and hair,” LuPone said when Alyssa Farrah Griffin inquired about the show. “I didn’t know there were witches, I didn’t know anything about the Marvel world. There are witches in the world of Marvel. So, we are a coven of witches and the witches are: Kathryn Hahn, Aubrey Plazaand (a) acquaintance – if one knows heartbreaking – Is Joe Locke,

She described Calderoo – who first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1973 – as “a 450-year-old Sicilian witch whose power is divination and whose test is the tarot.”

When Look When asked by cohost Ana Navarro about the show’s release date, LuPone replied that filming had not yet finished, but that she expected a 2024 release.

LuPone can currently be seen in the recently released film Beau is scared,

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