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2023 Fantasy Baseball: AL East players to be targeted in the draft

Fantasy baseball analysts Scott Pianowski, Dalton Dale Don and Andy Behrens reveal the player they are targeting on each AL East team. The reason behind their selection may have to do with draft value, a star they want to build around or someone they are going out of their way to pick.

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• Grayson Rodriguez Going to outperform his ADP (183.4) by like 100 picks. Honestly, his draft status should be a national scandal. That’s as close to a sure thing as a pitching prospect can get. i want him you want him. Everyone should want him. , Andy Behrens

• Kyle Braddish Experienced success after changing his pitching mix after the All-Star-break last season and has seen an increase in velocity this spring, when he recorded a 12:2 K:BB ratio and a 0.67 WHIP in 9.0 innings. It’s not ideal pitching in Baltimore and the AL East, but at least after going into his fences last year. Bradish is In 2023. , Dalton Dale Don

• Ryan Mountcastle Not the most spirited young player in Baltimore, which is why you don’t hear much about his 55 homers the last two years. And while no one throws a parade for a .261 career average, it is a plus number in today’s offensive environment. We often talk about seasoned players settling into boring old values; Mountcastle is the rare young boring value. , Scott Pianowski

, one season removed from leading the National League in RBIs (113) and hitting 38 homers, adam duvall Yahoo has been a value while not being drafted as a top-100 outfielder in the league despite upgrades to home parks. , and it also increased the HR for RhB by 10%. As the team’s best defensive outfielder ever, Duvall should be a fixture in Boston’s revamped lineup… , Dalton Dale Don

• Masataka Yoshida Has on-base skills and a beautiful swing, plus he’s been available very late – usually outside the top-200 picks. He’s going to make a significant contribution in runs and RBIs with respectable pop. , Andy Behrens

, ignore Tristan Casas batting average with Boston last year, and focused five homers and a .358 OBP in 27 games. He’s poised to be a professional hitter, and although this is the weakest Red Sox lineup in a while, Cass will be placed somewhere in the top half. , Scott Pianowski

• Anthony Rizzo Knows where to butter his bread – home games at Yankee Stadium, where he hit 19 homers and slashed .492 last year. It’s no wonder he re-signed with the Bombers. He is also expected to slot in behind Aaron Judge, the clear catbird seat in the New York lineup. With a Yahoo ADP around 146, you could easily be on par with Rizzo, maybe a birdie. , Scott Pianowski

• Clark Schmidt Is a former first-round pick who should quickly find his way into New York’s rotation frankie montas And carlos rodon Tossed both of them aside. domingo german Another draft Day value that will start the season as a starter, but Schmidt is due for a chance after impressing Which has produced strong spring results. Schmidt had a 26.6 K-BB% in Triple-A last season, which would have led all starters in MLB, and will increase his chances of winning for the Yankees this year. , Dalton Dale Don

, As a committed member of the no-early-round-pitchers club, I’ll gladly start building a staff louis severino Outside of choosing the top 100 or so. Last year, he struck out 9.9 batters per nine innings with a stellar fantasy ratio, which is really all we could ask of any starter. , Andy Behrens

, Looks like the fantasy community is kinda bored wander franco Already, even though he is only 22 years old and still a rising talent. He’ll give you double-digit power and speed totals and no one should be surprised if he puts up a (good) batting average above .300. , Andy Behrens

, have a chance Tyler Glasnow Throws the same 150 innings or so that he was always going to, but now he’s five rounds cheap in fantasy leagues, his season debut being delayed due to an oblique injury. The Tampa Bay manager has said that Glasnow will no longer be mad at him for pulling the pitcher early in games, so the injury could oddly help his chances at a win this season. Glasnow has top-three stuff among all starters, gets one of baseball’s best pitchers to throw in the park and is entering the honeymoon period after passing Tommy John (Patience will be rewarded in a big way. , Dalton Dale Don

• Randy Arrozarena landing 12-25 picks later than Bobby Witt, depending on the room, despite most major spreadsheets giving him , Sure, Vit is younger, has more pedigree, is higher. But perhaps the market is underestimating Arrojna as well. , Scott Pianowski

, Although whit merryfield Three rounds more expensive in Yahoo vs. the NFBC, I still see him as an interesting bounce-back candidate. It’s only the age-34 season, and his offensive play came after the Toronto trade (an OPS+ of 118 would do). The Blue Jays have one of the deepest lineups in the majors; It is a destination crime. , Scott Pianowski

, i’m getting down a lot matt chapman Very difficult this season with 3B. He is being drafted outside the top-10 fantasy third basemen despite his potential to become Rogers’ center. during the off season. new dimensions of the park , Dalton Dale Don

, If I were the kind of person who targeted starting pitchers in the first third of the draft, I’d be partial alex manoah, He’s a young and ultra-talented arm, already proven, and he’s strangely underrated relative to other elite starters. , Andy Behrens



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